What am I paying the price for? Eating gluten, flour, and things that turn into sugar. Before getting pregnant I spent about 2 solid months taking my clean diet to an extreme to heal my gut completely. I had had a fairly bad reaction to eggs just a month before and knew that leaky gut either was not gone or had never completely healed.

To heal my gut I stopped eating things like brown rice and all grains. I had stopped wheat bread a couple years before because it caused me bad constipation but I was still eating oat bran cereal and oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, organic corn chips and anything made with corn mostly because of the GMO’s but also they are quite sugary. At first I missed those grains but then got used to it. When I started eating oat bran cereal again I had a hard time stopping, I had wanted to stay grain free forever. I started eating oat bran cereal during our 2nd Daniel fast at church which included grain and no meat.

I am 10 weeks pregnant now and have had pretty severe nausea. I have only thrown up three times after taking my supplements. My body just won’t allow extremes right now. Good thing, I need built in barometer because I have a tendency to overdo a good thing. Instead of taking 10,000 mg of Vitamin C all at once I am taking 1-2,000 mg every couple of hours or so to get rid of badly swollen glands I have because of eating a LOT of grain to get rid of nausea. I have to admit it was a nice excuse to eat how I used to and have a good reason for it. There is always a price to pay though. I have eaten Pizza Hut personal pan pizza, tons of corn on the cob (mostly organic), corn chowder, brown rice, white rice, whole wheat pita wrap for turkey sandwiches and even whole wheat bread with butter and honey. On top of eating out a lot and giving in to my cravings for breaded chicken fingers, chicken spiced with sauce with lots of sugar. I usually make most of my meals at home to avoid all the extra sugar that is in sauces, and breading on meats. Those all add up in the body and steals reserves just to digest. All in the name of settling my stomach. Well it did help to settle my stomach a bit, grain and breads seem to be able to do that.

The consequences for me, my white blood cell count spiked and was out of the normal range, I guess normal for pregnancy but with these swollen glands I know it was not normal for me. I was in what my husband called a food coma after eating that pizza. I slept on the way home in the car and then I slept for 3 more hour’s right when I got home. Real productive! I know sleep can be productive and is very good for early pregnancy but I knew that my body was simply overwhelmed just trying to process all that white flour. I felt ok the day I had my first OB blood test on September 22, 2015 when my neutrophils which account for 50-60% of white blood cells that kill bacteria were a little high. It wasn’t for another week and more compromised food for me to feel those bad effects in my immune system (swollen glands that are very painful). I woke up with headaches, muscle aches that I usually get to some degree were worse in several places, I had trouble concentrating and my energy was so low I didn’t want to walk many days because I was wiped out. Well I sort of helped one problem but caused so many others.

Was it worth it? It’s hard to say. The nausea was pretty extreme. I even started losing weight, not much but a tiny bit. What I have done now is but this is after the nausea has gotten better but I have substituted potatoes. They seem to have a similar ability to help nausea. The nausea started going away almost immediately after drinking Kangen water. It didn’t completely disappear but seemed to help drastically, that was while I was still taking the hormones to sustain the pregnancy which were estrace and progesterone. Now I have stopped the estrace which has seemed to help quite a bit. I am also eating more fruits and veggies, that can be hit or miss though with nausea but has seemed to help in the last couple of days. My husband has been reading husband coached childbirth by Robert Bradely and said he learned that nausea is many times caused by low blood sugar. That seems to be true so even an orange can help. I am just glad this season is soon coming to end – God willing, it seems to be and I can get back to getting a few more things done like writing this blog and finalizing the digestion program I written and will be available for the public hopefully in the next month or so. The main parts will be but things always seem to take longer than expected so maybe by the end of the year is more realistic. We’ll see.

Tell me about you overcame nausea during your pregnancy. I love hearing your stories and it is always helpful to someone.

Love and blessings


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Gram and embryo 086

Wow! I am pregnant. I have been in shock for two days. IVF worked. I had so convinced myself this was not going to work because of how long it has taken to get ready for the implantation along with how fragile I thought my health was. The embryo transfer cycle was canceled 6x due to hormones being out of whack, the progesterone was too high too early, the lining was not thick enough, one month I got a low grade fever right before we were supposed to start. The doctor had said that we might consider a surrogate because it seemed as if my cycles were not going to sync up ever since I was already in perimenopause. It seemed if it wasn’t one thing it was another. I also started hearing so many stories about women who had died giving birth, and I would think of my great-grandmother who did die either in childbirth or right afterward from peritonitis from a burst appendix in pregnancy. I was actually afraid of what I would do if it did actually work.

I had a lot of conflicting emotions because since the time we started collecting eggs and pursuing having a baby by IVF I got SIBO a small intestinal bowel overgrowth where I couldn’t eat salad of all things. It was cold salad and I was double over in pain about 2 hours after eating. I also had a pretty severe reaction to eggs neither of which I had ever had before. I worked toward healing my gut again. My energy level had increased tremendously when I exercised with interval training with walking and running at a local track and doing strength training about 2x per week. These other problems worried me and I started to doubt my body’s ability to grow a baby and give birth again (I had a baby 23 years ago and have a son). I had had so many nutritional deficiencies that I wasn’t sure anymore. Well, it’s a true miracle. I turned 42 when we got two eggs and fertilized them. It took another 9 months to transfer those embryos because we pursued an in depth detox with The Premier Center and their QRA analysis of my body. They basically muscle test specific areas of your body to find weak areas and then give you energetically powerful food supplements that uplift your body to a new level of health. I highly recommend them if you are struggling with your health with a caveat, if you have a lot of food allergies test out one product at a time because they use very high grade food which is good but if you have an allergy you will most likely react. They say they have a way to energetically on an emotional level reverse your food allergies. I don’t know if that part worked because I didn’t do it. I was just not convinced about that at this time.

I plan to write my whole journey in more detail so that if you are interested in the details for your health or fertility you can read what I did, where I went and what I read and did to prepare for this miracle.

I feel so blessed. Since the hormones were so high they think it might be twins too.