My husband and I have been on this IVF journey since March of 2014. I have done many different things to improve my health so I can get pregnant and have healthy babies. I have repeated lab tests more frequently to see what I have added has helped. The last test I had done was Nutri-Eval by Genova labs. This is a very sensitive test. I had only one actual deficiency, vitamin B2 which the liver uses for detox. Many others were considered borderline. More fat soluble vitamins ended up in the borderline section this time than before like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and COQ10. Multiple B vitamin deficiencies showed up. I was in tears because I had spent so much time and money on special, top of the line premier vitamins and supplements. It was very discouraging to say the least. I ended up ordering many other supplements from a company called Seeking Health which specializes in the MTHFR special needs. I got a higher dose molybdenum supplement along with B2, alpha lipoic acid, liquid A and liquid B12 with folate. I know I am on the right track and moving forward even though there have been so many setbacks. Now its time to figure out this MTHFR issue more in depth and see why my liver is having such a hard time detoxing and is requiring so much higher doses of quite a few of vitamins. My biggest concern is making sure I am getting enough nutrients during pregnancy and not creating a dependency in the babies (yes I desire twins.) Please let me know your issues, lessons, and resources you have found with MTHFR issues and liver issues. Lets get healthy together!