RX 990I continue to add/remove foods I eat on a regular basis to fit my body’s needs. Earlier this year in January 2015 I had a bad reaction to eggs. Most of body turned bright red within minutes of eating eggs. The same thing happened again 2 more times with different “healthy” foods, orange juice and broccoli with flax oil. I had picked up The Whal’s Protocol by Dr. Terry Whal’s when I heard a girl talking about her story waiting in a line. I didn’t read it until 4 months ago almost nine months after I heard about it. I have followed it for several months and have to say┬ámy stomach and intestines feel much better. Yes I can actually feel how sensitive my intestines are by touching them. The biggest change is that I can eat broccoli and oranges again. I did take high doses of L-glutamine and a few other supplements from The Premier Center in Santa Monica. They do bio-field muscle testing of your whole body to see where you may have deficiencies. It seemed after starting to eat organ meat mostly chicken liver I tested much stronger. I also finally pinpointed what specific supplements my body needs instead of just taking multiple extra liquid vitamins. It feels so good to finally have more answers and a routine and specific answers to my health issues that I have dealt with for over 6 years now.

Organ meats of which I have eaten not only chicken liver but lamb heart and kidney as well as lamb liver. Liver has high amounts of Vitamin A which is very needed by the immune system and the internal skin of your body like intestines and stomach. Organ meats have many B vitamins. Organ meats also have iron, copper, carnitine, lipoic acid, COQ10. There are a few others and each of these nutrients does many different things for our health. COQ10 helps the heart, gums, and energy. B vitamins help the nerves, moods, help break down foods like carbs. Getting enough of each individual nutrient for your personal makeup is so important.

The picture above is of cauliflower warmed with liver pate. I have made liver cut up in small pieces with onions and veggies cooked in coconut oil which makes it taste good. I don’t usually have too much of a problem with the taste but I make pate with bacon bits and salt and garlic to make it taste good. Try it a few ways until you find a way that tastes good to you.

How have you tried liver or organ meats? I’d love to hear about new recipes and creative ways to make this meat taste good.