A Little More About Me

Mommy In Chief


My name is Joan Faith Taffinder. I have loved babies since I can remember. When I was 8 years old I took a real life doll to school to ‘take care’ of her during the day. I volunteered in church nurseries and children’s programs since I was 10. I started babysitting at 11 and was invited by several friends of our family that had large families to help take care of their children in my teens.

I wanted my own baby since I was 13 and actually tried to get pregnant as a misguided youth till I did get pregnant at 17 and had a miscarriage only to get pregnant again at 19 and give birth to my son Zack who is now 24. I vowed to do things differently for him and with the fractured help from my broken parents, I struggled as a single parent for many years trying to find where I belong in the arms of a man.

After a brief, toxic, and devastating relationship in 2005, I found myself very physically sick in 2009 from the accumulated emotional trauma rooted in childhood and infancy and perpetuated in my adulthood.

It took close to 7 years to bring healthy function back to my body. I addressed candida, leaky gut, chronic fatigue syndrome, low thyroid, adrenal exhaustion, food sensitivities, menstrual irregularities, swollen glands, low grade fevers, IBS, chronic digestives issues.

During 3 years of that time I worked for a naturopathic doctor who helped me figure out most of those health problems, running over 10 functional medicine lab tests, many of which have been repeated every 6 months to a year since 2009. After I had given up the idea that I would ever get married not to mention have any more children which had been a lifelong deep desire, a few miracles happened—

I got some much needed emotional healing, got married to a man I deeply love, admire, adore, and enjoy and had another baby, which I had vowed never to have over the age of 40!

Given my constellation of health problems, it was a true miracle I was able to get pregnant and sustain a pregnancy. My daughter Jessica had her name given to her before I even married and her middle name is Hope, not because I ever imagined I’d work with women to help them get pregnant but because my middle name if Faith and I wanted twin girls so we could be Faith, Hope, and Love.

I know it may sound silly but that little fact blessed me after having my daughter because I didn’t realize how much hope I needed in my own life.

I have rediscovered my purpose to communicate and encourage value to children and healthcare.

It is my pure joy to share what I have learned and help women get ultra healthy so they can have healthy happy babies!