While I have been ecstatic that I am pregnant and found out we are having a girl I have had a few scares that brought me to my knees in prayer.

I first had some bleeding bright red and thin blood the week we waited to see if I was pregnant after the embryo transfer. I thought for sure that meant it didn’t work and I was not pregnant. That may have been one of the reasons that I was so shocked when the nurse told me I was pregnant.

Fast forward a few weeks and I had some bleeding again. The day after my grandmother’s funeral, Sunday October 4, 2015 after we walked 3 miles at the track I had bright red spotting. I thought for sure it was because I had just stopped the progesterone only a week before at 10 weeks gestation. The IVF doc told me to continue the progesterone another week or so till 12 weeks. On Friday October 16th I had more bleeding this time it was a little more blood and a chunk. This had me concerned, I called 2 OB’s because we had not yet decided who would be our permanent doctor. One OB was not there and her office sent me for an ultra sound which showed that the placenta was slightly touching the cervix. The report said this was normal for this early in pregnancy as the placenta should move up as the uterus grows. Great. Well when you look things up online and try to gather more information it can be quite scary, placenta previa either marginal or total can cause complications with delivery requiring a C-section, or more bleeding or miscarriage.

On Monday I went to see the other OB. She did another ultra sound and said I had a subchorianic hematoma which is a blood clot between the placenta and uterus which could have been formed if the egg slightly detached from the uterus when implanting. Maybe that is what caused the original bleeding. Who knows? This also should resolve itself as the blood is either reabsorbed back into the body or is shed by bleeding. The placenta does not reattach where the hematoma had been. This can cause cramping.

There are different recommendations from different doctors. Some say bed rest, some say bed rest only if you are bleeding. Some say pelvic rest which means no sex. Most seem to agree you should not be lifting heavy objects, heavy cleaning etc. anything that would cause the uterus to cramp or contract, even straining from constipation should be avoided. Some doctors treat with progesterone to strengthen the uterus and calm it down as well as keep the lining attached and healthy to retain a pregnancy. I am still taking progesterone at 14 weeks because this is my comfort level. One OB said I could stop the end of last week and see what happens but if it is safe to continue I’d rather be safe and protect this pregnancy and baby than wish I had.

I am just taking it easy. I have curbed my activities. We were running around interviewing more doctors, midwives, and birth centers because my comfort level with the hospital has gone down. We did our first of 3 hospital tours and this one had a very small room with only a toilet and shower. I was told on the phone they had a bath tub, I thought that meant in the room but there is only one tub and you can only stay in it if your water has not broken and you are under 9cm dilated. I gave birth to my son in a bath tub, my water was broken and I was over 9cm dilated. There are so many cover your butt regimens in the hospital its ridiculous.

At this point I just want a healthy pregnancy so far so good in spite of the bleeding and have a healthy baby girl and a healthy natural childbirth.

Did you have any complications with your pregnancy?

Did you have a hematoma or placenta previa?

How did it all work out?