I wanted to share something that happened to me this past February 2014. I was having gum pain in my mouth. The gums near my wisdom tooth were irritating me quite badly. It was painful to chew, my gums were bleeding a bit. In October of 2013 I had had a deep cleaning of my entire mouth because I was told I had periodontal disease. Now I’ve seen people with gums that recede high up on the tooth and mine did not look like that at all. I complied with my dentist’s recommendations and got the deep cleaning.

Fast forward to February, I guess I had not been flossing every single day like I should have been. I had also been taking a chewable supplement that had evaporated cane juice in it. I was still eating well etc. I was very discouraged and concerned because gum disease can cause low birth weight babies and even heart disease. In my case I was getting very bad swollen glands every time ate any grain. Complex carbs do have sugar but it breaks down much slower in the body. My immune system was so busy dealing with the bacteria in my mouth it couldn’t handle the complex sugar that the grains were giving my body. I then got an abscess in the back of my tooth but it was only in the gum. They wanted to pull my tooth and I talked to a retired dentist at my church and he said do whatever you can to keep the tooth. I went to several specialists to find out if I needed flap surgery where they cut off the extra gum that is causing a pocket where all the bacteria is going from the food that gets caught in there, if the abscess was still there because I could feel the bone protruding differently than the other side and then I have a root canal in the tooth next to the wisdom tooth and I thought maybe that was infected. I was so frantic in a few weeks I had five appointments with specialists and my dentist again.

Finally I discovered online and doing some research I could use hydrogen peroxide, warm salt water, more Listerine mouthwash and it finally killed the bacteria and the swollen glands went away. I even put a small piece of garlic in the back of my tooth and let it sit there. It took several weeks to heal all the way.

One thing I found in my search was DoTerra essential oils. While I have heard about essential oils in the past I was never particularly interested in them. I used DoTerra’s OnGuard and within probably less than a week the pocket started to heal and go away. I know the pocket is still there a little bit because I can feel when I floss but OnGuard healed that right up, fairly quickly. I was so grateful and felt so much better.

So if you have swollen gums, redness of your gums, severe toothache, bleeding gums, any kind of puss or raised bump in the back of your throat go see your dentist right away and start flossing, eating less sugar, and really keeping the bad bacteria out of your mouth as much as possible. Mouth and teeth issues can really be a big overall health problem.

If you have a way to keep your teeth and gums clean and happy please share that below I love hearing other’s stories and getting lots of ideas because it helps me and so many others.

The following website has some information that might be helpful to you if you have a serious gum issue http://www.nidcr.nih.gov/OralHealth/Topics/GumDiseases/PeriodontalGumDisease.htm


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