Ok, so I just want to report on how it went with my juice feast. I did this to clean out my body, get clarity, finish writing a book and online program, and get ready to have babies most of all. It went really well. I felt pretty good. A week before I started this I had been drinking a little bit of coffee and I don’t usually do that at all, so I had a headache coming off of that. I had extreme clarity in the beginning and then I had a procedure done where I took some painkillers. It made me feel nausea so I ate some sprouted bread and stopped the feast which I was hoping to possibly do for 21 days. One of the things I was hoping to completely correct while on this feast was swollen glands under my jaw. Because it was difficult for me to drink completely veggie juice I would always add some sort of fruit. Green apples have always been ok for me but when I added pineapple juice and orange juice even though I used oranges from our tree and they are fairly sour, I think it was too much sugar for me and the glands got swollen a little too much for me and I was starting to really want to be off of the feast because one of the problems I work diligently to not have regularly came back and this was supposed to be healthy and good for me.

This makes me think about what is going on in the raw, vegan world where several people like Susan Shwenk, Alex Jaimeson, and even though Matt Monarch is still raw and vegan says that it may not be the healthiest thing long term as far as aging goes. I have never been completely vegan, but I have gone long periods of time eating no meat at all, several months. I don’t eat much of it now. I may eat chicken liver once a week and I actually haven’t even done that for a least a month now with all my juicing and a fast we did with our church for 21 days before my juice feast. I had wanted to go vegan for a long and struggled to get there because I cannot eat a lot of fruit because of severe candida and immune system food allergy problems. Grains have been an issue for a long time too also because of the candida and immune system issues. The most difficult thing I experience with that is swollen glands under my jaw that have become extremely painful. I don’t let them get that way now but eating certain foods that body recognizes as sugar will trigger that to get worse. I have to be very balanced in what and how much I eat.

I like doing a 10 day juice feast seems like the perfect amount of time for me. I will definitely do this again but most likely for 3,5, or 10 day intervals so my body doesn’t get too much sugar.

Joan Taffinder
Empowering you to Revolutionize Your Health

This Juice Feast is going pretty well. I have had so much mental clarity. I have desired to release unforgiveness, and spiritual bondage through prayer and journaling and doing workbooks and books on forgiveness. I love that I have finished putting my website together with some pages that had previously been feeling so overwhelming that I procrastinated for many months. You can check them out by the beginning of next week at www.totalhealthempowerment.com. I am so excited to be enrolled in a nutrition counseling certification program. On a level I can’t describe in words I feel like I am getting my life and health back after five years of working on it.

I do have to say that only three days ago my thoughts felt a little scrambled but I think that was partly because I only had 2 32 once juices that day. That was not enough for me. I felt like I was dragging and had a bit of low energy. I also have been cleaning out drawers, filing cabinets, closets, and have a goal to finish writing a case study about health which is my own, I know it may sound a bit strange to write a case study about yourself but there it is so involved and spans so many life experiences I can’t not do it, it may help inspire someone who is really struggling with their health and feel like they have no hope. My husbands fear of me doing this feast and becoming militant or extreme about my eating has affected me a little but he is so supportive of me getting totally healthy that he only talks about it a little when I ask him questions about his concerns.

I will continue to report my experiences on this Juice Feast as I continue. I’d love to hear about your experience about juice feasting, fasting, or any other health regimen that you used to overcome digestive or immune problems or any other stubborn health problem.

Love and Blessings Joan

Ok, so I just wrote about my day 4 Juice Feast and it looks like it didn’t show up on wordpress. Not sure what happened. I just wanted to share about how I reacted so calmly to a situation that would normally make me very upset today. Someone boldface lied to my face and in the past I might have taken it personally and felt extreme anxiety, I did feel a little bit but not as much as usual at all. One of my goals and desires is to go to a deeper level of forgiving during this time. I also have some creative goals too but forgiving is of foremost importance. I started working through a book called Forgiveness is a Choice by Robert Enright. I didn’t even realize that I needed to do this now since I have done so much work on the emotional side of life in the last several years. But here I am and the work I have just begun has already begun to pay off in how I am reacting to others.

I am also doing some probiotic drinks in this juice feast since I had a gum infection a few months ago and took 3 weeks of antibiotic and now am struggling with a tongue that is irritated and feels like candida. I need to bulk up on probiotics to replete my digestive system with these amazing critters that help me stay health. Have you ever done a juice feast? Tell me about it, I love hearing people’s amazing transformation stories.