healthy food 038

Yes I am craving healthy food! Of course during pregnancy everyone thinks about the cravings women have, pickles and ice cream or other different concoctions.

Ever since I started my healing and health path and my health started to improve along with my taste buds, I could trust my cravings more and more. I would actually crave a green drink or salad, or even a certain type of vegetable like cucumbers or tomatoes.

During the first part of my pregnancy I felt extremely nausea. Some days I had hard time eating much at all. I gained a couple pounds the first week after the embryo transfer and then lost 3 lbs. so I was 1lb lighter than when I started the embryo transfer process.

I knew that I should be eating more protein because I had read up on the Brewer diet online written by Dr. Tom Brewer, especially when we thought we were having twins. On the Brewer diet it’s really important to get 80-100 grams of protein for 1 baby and 120-150 grams of protein for two babies. That seemed impossible for me. I did manage to find some goat milk that I did not react badly to ( I have a pretty bad dairy allergy or sensitivity). I found it at whole foods and its name is teraswhey. Their website is . I mix cocoa powder, stevia, and sometimes a banana with it. If I want a really power packed smoothie I mix arabinogalactan, soy lecithin, extra goat whey and ice cubes and it gets really thick. I was able to drink this for about a week or so and then found out I was only pregnant with one baby and the nausea got bad so I stopped drinking this for many weeks. During that time I intensely craved cheese. I was threw up or got very nauseas from taking my supplements so I stopped them completely for a few weeks. I would eat just a little cheese on this salad or that sandwich. I would also pick up a protein drink made with cow’s whey. I did this for about a month and half. At that time I got an extremely bad sinus infection from too much dairy for me.

Thank God about the time I recovered from that sinus infection the nausea started mostly going away and I could take my calcium supplement again. No more dairy! When I eat a lot of meat I crave cucumbers or juice of cucumbers. I haven’t drank a green smoothie in a very long time but my son asked me I wanted one yesterday with strawberries and banana and kiwi. I didn’t want the kiwi but romaine lettuce. Did you know romaine lettuce has 7.7 grams of protein per head? I was wanting bananas for a little while and they actually have vitamin B6 which helps with nausea. At one point I craved nectarines every day. I was surprised to see that they have close to 330 iu.’s of vitamin A. Because I wasn’t taking the prenatal with vitamin A I was craving it. I also started eating a LOT of refried beans every day, they actually have a lot of calcium. It was amazing to look up each food I craved or felt better on. My body was adjusting to what it needed.

Those cravings can be trusted when you are eating well and really healthy. Your body will naturally want to eat good things. You like how you feel or are just sensitive to taste or even the craving itself. As you start to eat healthier go with your craving. It probably has a nutrient you need.