Wow. My husband and I just got back from an amazing and intense experience in British Columbia, Canada. A very rustic outside camping experience. What was so amazing about it was how it changed how I thought about my health. I got very sick in 2009 with very serious digestive problems which spiraled out affecting almost every important function of my body. My adrenals were shot, my thyroid was affected which affected my endocrine system with my cycles. I was diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome, chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome, dysbiosis or some call it candida which is imbalanced bacteria in the stomach. I was miserable. I could barely function. I was sick a lot! I could hardly walk 3 blocks without becoming extremely tired and needing rest. If I ate a bowl of brown rice I had to take a nap for 3 hours. I am telling you all of this to give you a backdrop of why what I just went through was so profound for me. I am 41 years young now and just got married a year ago and very much desire to have another child. I have a 21 year old son who is amazing. I have always wanted at least one daughter. We have not gotten pregnant yet. I say yet because I am praying for a miracle. While I very much want another baby I was a bit worried about my health and how I would manage with having enough energy, stamina, and being well enough to care for a baby or two (I really want to have twins so I don’t raise another only child). The thought would overwhelm me and I would sometimes recoil as I would think about it and just continue to pray for my own health.

What I just went through proved to me that I have been healed as my son has been saying for a long time now. I only got about 6 hours of sleep every night and one night only 4 and I didn’t have any headaches, not only that I felt more energetic and after a few events when some soreness wore off no back pain. I was able to do so much more than I ever thought or dreamed I could. I believe that I have what it takes to have more babies now. I can not only handle having babies but also the business I have been working on for many years which will be officially launched October/November of this year 2013! I can’t say too many details about each individual event because maybe you will decide to attend. It is important to prepare though. My husband and I walked a lot before the event we worked up to about 1 hour and 20 minutes of walking about 3-4 days a week. A far cry from the 15 minutes I used to struggle with. It has taken about close to 4 and half years of work to regain my strength and vitality. It took a lot of love, prayer, encouragement, and belief in me by my husband and much good delicious, healthy, healing foods and supplements. I am so grateful for my life. I am so thankful I can say that now because it wasn’t long ago I could not.

Remember you can do more than you think, you are stronger than you think, you have more stamina than you think and that is one of the keys your thoughts and beliefs. Please pray for my husband and I to experience a miracle and have the twin girls we desire. We need your prayers and positive energy to help us hold on to faith that it will happen and sooner than we think! I love you all and so look forward to writing and sharing my thoughts, resources, ideas and amazing things with you all.