Jess recently had a gastrointestinal flu type sickness. She was vomiting pretty bad and we eat a pretty paleo no grain diet. Jess was losing weight and I wanted her to just eat something. So this is what we did. Instead of saltines we at rice crackers and rice cakes for the purpose of not eating gluten. My mother in law recommended jello which we would usually eat and we did not eat but you can make by putting beef gelatin in grape juice. We used an electrolyte drink by Seeking Health that has potassium and sodium but more potassium than sodium which is so necessary when your vomiting a lot. We also more me than Jessica drank Zevia ginger ale. That is sugar free made with stevia. So the swaps are:

• Rice crackers and rice instead of saltines
• Beef gelatin in grape juice instead of Jello
• Seeking Health electrolyte instead of Pedialyte that is made with sugar
• Zevia sugar free ginger ale instead of ginger ale with sugar

I hope these suggestions help if you don’t eat sugar or gluten and your sick and want to get well and help with a quezzy stomach