I had inflammation in my gums or periodontal disease prior to pregnancy and prior to pursuing IVF. I did a few things to correct this.

The first thing I did was to get all four quadrants of my gums deep cleaned. I did each section separately with a numbing agent. I have read that it is important to only do one quadrant at a time as doing more can make the body toxic from the numbing medication, I suspect is the reason. I also got my teeth cleaned every three months for at least two years, not only prior to pregnancy but during pregnancy.

I took generous amounts of vitamin C which helps to keep the gums healthy. I also took COQ10 which I read in a book I can’t remember the title to that it can literally regrow gum tissue, which I believe did happen for me.

To keep my mouth clean I used neem oil and neem bark. You put a small quarter size amount of neem bark in your palm and then put neem oil on top and mix together. Rub that on your gums and then swish in your mouth for 20 minutes and don’t drink or rinse for another 20 minutes. I did this on a semi-regular basis before pregnancy. those products help to lower bacteria in the mount without killing the good bacteria.

At times I used hydrogen peroxide only in the back of my throat. The times I used it in my whole mouth it killed good bacteria and then my tongue got irritated at which time I purchased chewable probiotics to bring balance back into my mouth.