We recently went to see Jessica’s doctor. She has a functional medicine background and years of working with children with special health concerns. We have been getting Jessica’s stool and urine regularly tested for proper digestive health as well yeast levels, mitochondria levels as well as vitamin levels in the urine just to make sure we are making forward progress especially with the yeast levels which have been so difficult to keep in check even with hi dose probiotics and agents to kill yeast.

The doctor said she had adrenal issues because of the blue color under Jessica’s eyes. I had noticed it but didn’t know what it might be. We started Jessica on adrenal cortex from Integrative Therapeutics. And then changed to Adrenaven, a supplement to support adrenal health from Premier Research Lab.

It has seemed to make a difference off and on. I haven’t noticed that the eyes have completely cleared. I know Jessica has struggled with sleep off and on since she was an infant which is for sure one factor affecting negatively the adrenal glands but there is a host of other issues that can affect adrenal health according to Dr. James L. Wilson, N.D., D.C., PhD author of Adrenal Fatigue; the 21st century stress syndrome. The following can all contribute to poor adrenal health,

• Death of a loved one, repeated stresses, infection (acute and chronic), emotional stress, allergies, over exertion, smoking, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, sugar and
white flour products, lack of or excessive exercise, wound healing, prescription and non-prescription drugs, lack of good food, marital stress, caffeine, coffee, fear,
unwanted unemployment, negative attitudes and beliefs, lack of relaxation, psychological stress, toxins, and financial pressures. Pg. 12

This author also says, “adrenal fatigue in all its mild and severe forms, is usually caused by some form of stress. Stress can be physical, emotional, psychological, environmental, infectious, or a combination of these. It is important to know that your adrenals respond to every kind of stress the same, whatever the source.” Pg. 11

Its basically the amount of stress the body can withstand has reached its capacity. So, what does that mean for my daughter. She has had acute and chronic infections. I am not sure what emotional stress she has endured except for a few things, she extremely stubborn and cries a lot to get her own way which must be stressful on her body. She does have allergies to eggs which I was thinking may be good for her to be exposed in small amounts to build some type of tolerance so I would give her tune with mayonnaise which after some muscle testing that was shown to be causing problems for her so that was eliminated. She has had poor sleep off and on since being an infant. I included poor eating habits only because I am not sure if the salami and pepperoni may be causing problems but we allow her to eat that because she cannot eat any bread, grain, or hi amounts of carbs at all because of the yeast. Jessica does not consume prescription or non-prescription drugs but I have ongoing migraine headaches and I take firocet and rectal Tylenol for them while I was still breastfeeding so she likely got more than her body can handle. While I don’t drink coffee usually, because it is in my home I sometimes cave and drink a ¼ or ½ cup which while that is an extremely small amount, it could contribute to raising her level of toxin too high for her.

Adrenal hormones are not all bad. We need a certain amount to do certain jobs in our body. Drugs.com describes it this way, “Adrenal insufficiency is a condition that develops because your child’s adrenal glands do not make enough adrenal hormones. Adrenal hormones such as cortisol help your child’s body handle stress, keep blood pressure normal, and balance salt and fluids. They control how his or her body uses sugars, fats, and proteins.” https://www.drugs.com/cg/adrenal-insufficiency-in-children.html.

The following are reasons a child could have issues with not making enough adrenal hormones:

• A problem with your child’s immune system that makes his or her body attack the adrenal glands
• An injury that causes the adrenal glands to bleed and prevents the production of adrenal hormones
• A genetic condition or a family history of adrenal insufficiency
• An infection that damages the adrenal glands
• Certain medicines
• Surgery, tumors, or radiation therapy https://www.drugs.com/cg/adrenal-insufficiency-in-children.html

Jessica’s symptoms consisted of dizziness, tiredness, craving salt, and small blue color under her eyes. When I realized that the medication I was taking fiorcet for migraine headaches had an ingredient that could actually cause adrenal insufficiency I stopped breastfeeding the very next time I took that medication. Her eyes have improved for the most part but they still get that color off and on which could be caused by food sensitivities. We have not gotten her blood or urine tested to check for these hormones but will consider it for the future if she continues to have the shiners under her eyes.