In the recent past I have given my daughter vitamin C, bone broth protein, carrot juice, astragalus, arabionogalactan. This was when she had constant low-grade fevers for several months and was reacting to the mold we didn’t know we had. It was only a few months after a strange reaction to one of the vaccines where her ankles and feet swelled up that she got RSV and then roseoloa. And then she got congestion that her body couldn’t fully fight so was on an antibiotic. That happened a second time and a second round of antibiotics. Then it happened a third time and I prayed. God directed us to a a medical doctor trained in some natural ways of healing. 

She said my daughter was immune deficient and may have been born this way. She recommended multiple supplements. This is what I started her on and what I am giving her now:

1. Arabinogalactan – 1 tsp.
2. Purified colostrum – 1 tsp.
3. Vitamin C – 1-2 tsp. daily which is 1000mg and sometimes a little more
4. Glutathione – ¼ tsp. liposomal liquid
5. Glutathione cream 1x daily on the belly
6. Probiotics – ½ – 1 tsp.
7. Digestive enzymes – 1 chewable tab
8. Omega 3 oils – 1 tsp. (cod liver oil)
9. Vitamin D – 4 drops

I mix the liquids in a combination of carrot juice or almond milk or a mixture of both with a couple sprinkles of stevia so she will like to drink it. I give it to her in a dropper like one you would get from a bottle of Tylenol. I put her on the changing table and give her a book or toy for her hands. She sometimes gets squirmy and wants to get off the table so I hug her and tell her how good these are for her. I pray a lot and have to make sure I don’t give her too much at one time. It seems 2 TBSP is the most she can tolerate at one time.

The supplements I can give alone are glutathione, vitamin C, and colostrum. The powders and oils have to be mixed with liquid to taste good and so she does not vomit them up. Pretty much all of the above supplements are good for and boost the immune system. Glutathione is used by the liver for detoxing. It supports the liver and can help to detox faster with more of it. There are certain chemicals that to process out of the body requires more glutathione.

Glutathione is made up of three amino acids you should get from your diet. ‘Production of Glutathione (GSH) in a cell depends on the availability of glutathione precursors, three amino acids glutathione is made of. These glutathione precursors are glutamate, glycine and cysteine.”  

There are so many things that deplete or use up glutathione in the body including:

• Drugs or pharmaceuticals like Tylenol
• Heavy metals
• Pesticides
• Artificial food dyes
• Household chemicals like colored detergent and mildew removers
• Chlorine
• Medical x-rays
• EMF’s (electromagnetic fields like from your computer or cell phone) 

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